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gay porn emporium

File 168234412491.png - (61.66KB , 1598x789 , nim_on_windows_xp.png )
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Does your favorite programming language still build and run flawlessly on XP? Nim does. Freshly compiled on Nim 1.6.12, the latest stable version. Running as performant as ever. Fresh code I wrote in the past few weeks without ever tuning or testing it for Windows, let alone Windows XP.

No LLVM to hold it back, no dealing with the tedium of C, while still keeping similar performance and memory efficiency.

Not only old operating systems, you can also build for any microcontroller that has a C compiler for its architecture. Nim runs on anything, and you can expect a good developer experience regardless.
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>> No. 78
> Those who will sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither; its C or
> go fuck yourself.
> Assembler doesn't exist
> FORTH doesn't exist
Lurk moar, unixfag.
It is easier to learn to program when you can receive near
immediate feedback from an interpreter,
instead of struggling to produce a usable program
from a compiler. Furthermore, it is actually
easier to implement a FORTH interpreter
than it is to write a C compiler. JonesForth, an x86
implementation, is implemented in ~2000 lines.
Compare this to TCC, a small c compiler, which is about 40000 lines of C
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>> No. 82
lol okay forthfag
>> No. 85
My favorite programming language only runs on Urbit :o

File 167459419315.png - (13.91KB , 128x128 , lambda.png )
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lisp thread
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>> No. 65
>> No. 83
I saw this right at bed time.
I will be back in the morning to conjure the spirits of the computers with my spells.
>> No. 84
anon come back D:
tweet fun lisp related projects
here's some to start!

File 169372491031.png - (449.15KB , 838x855 , pike_before_after_google.png )
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What editor do you use, Sean?

acme is an unironically good editor for your code program programming. I use it to program. All of my code is great because I have used the right editor to create it.

P9P acme sucks.
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>> No. 79
Nano for terminal based editing, it's simple and gets the job done compared to vi/emacs.
If I need something more advanced, VSCodium.
>> No. 80
I run Plan 9/9front/Inferno because they are nice to use, not just for the editor. If I just wanted to use the editor, I'd probably just use acme on Inferno.
>> No. 81
I just use crimson editor, its the only sane one. Wish they had a port for UNIX but oh well.
otherwise Nedit seems to be somewhat okay but its annoying to have to mess with .Xdefaults and shit to remove caret blinking.

File 168740715576.png - (29.43KB , 640x480 , Screenshot from 2023-06-22 01-06-06.png )
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(pirate bay is better but ok)
>> No. 60
I use 1337x personally. y no search?
>> No. 75
The 1137x site and their proxies come highly recommended

File 167208651187.png - (106.80KB , 792x1023 , c-prog-lang.png )
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The C Programming language is worth 1GET on /prog/
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>> No. 12
it's very nice to know exactly what's happening when using a HLL, so in my experience it's much better than C++. I don't know dick about C# though, so I can't speak on that.
>> No. 66
File 169058501835.jpg - (493.74KB , 1151x1728 , bwksmug.jpg )
C was not only an improvement on its predecessors, but also on most of its successors.
>> No. 73
its kinda fucked up if you think about it.

File 167212439516.png - (6.55KB , 242x242 , Rust_programming_language_black_logo_svg.png )
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Can someone explain why Rust actually fails? Most of the hate seem like feds trying to get tards to use things with vulnerabilities
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>> No. 70
F3d5 70ung3d my 4nu5 4nd m4d3 m3 ru57y 4nd c0rr0d3d. C0rr0510n u5u4lly 0ccur5 47 54m3 71m3 45 5ubv3r510n.

S474n1575 u5u4lly pu7 17 1n 7h3 n4m3 0f 7h31r c0rp0r473 pr0duc75....4nd 15 Ru57 4 b1pr0duc7 0f c0rp05?
>> No. 71

Thank you, Sean. I run into a lot of Rust dipshits on the internets but I almost never run into anything written in Rust.
>> No. 72
What it offers isn't really unique since other
languages provide what it provides, and they're also more developed.

there used to be a memory safe version of c, but that died and its stuck to 32-bit

File 16880687587.png - (284.73KB , 399x517 , Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 9_16_22.png )
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https://jwt.io/ is the single most useful debugging tool ever.
>> No. 69
(to discrimination), so, whatever you say, they'll hear it through a chipped or distorted lense. Like, how if you have a person in your life that you can't stand, and, loke, the old Pinterest joke went, you'll hate EVERYTHING they do, loke, even how they eT their lunch: "Look at Susan! Look at how she chewsher lettuce! Snob! " IDK--not saying those are YOUR feelings or my own, even, but, when you've been TAUGHT that "X" is annenemy (an enemy), or "Y" is a friend to me, you may frame their actio5, even if, in practice, they show ypu DIFFERENTLY, as the things you've bern TAUGHT (or brainwasor Media manipulated ) brainwashed----not brainwasor

into believing that they ARE!

File 167398943453.png - (598.89KB , 4000x2239 , Java-programming-language.png )
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Should I use?
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>> No. 61

Now days this is your fate if you learn React as well
>> No. 62

Now days this is your fate if you learn React as well
>> No. 63
So why are you still here?

File 167556713511.jpg - (587.32KB , 1920x1080 , Godot.jpg )
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Godot is basically Unity, but actually free and open source. Use it.

Also, if you have anything of your own you've made, go ahead and share ITT.

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>> No. 24
can i use it to make hyper realistic mods of nintendo games
>> No. 26
let's just say... they'll hire this man
>> No. 58
My daughter is learning Godot, incidentally.


WTF no make a 711chan game. All hail 711

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