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gay porn emporium

File 168849512971.jpg - (75.77KB , 600x300 , banners.jpg )
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711chan Incorporated is now accepting submissions for site banners, because we need moar. Post your proposals in this thread, and they just might probably will be accepted. You heard right -- YOU (a FAGGOT) could be a part of INTERNETS HISTORY!

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>> No. 749
File 16894101942.png - (43.83KB , 300x100 , 711chanepicfailguybanner.png )
vintage 711chan piener rediscovered.
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File 169083233385.png - (112.88KB , 398x121 , strange_things.png )
Discovered from:
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File 169563220030.gif - (1.09MB , 580x640 , i tell you hwat.gif )
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So. I want to unite Anons into a big coalescing mass of lulz again. Who do big raids. And pwn evildoers now and then (Kiddyfiddlers and cat abusers for example). But what is most important is LULZ. I want to restore the glory days. How do we get people to eschew the discords and the reddits? I want us to be the center of LULZ and also the hacktivism. I want us to be at the forefront of whenever haxx0rz get together and disurpt Putin. I want to reinstate and finish the job of chanology. But mostly for the LULZ.

I wanna do it here, do it big, and I wanna get people onto anonymous boards, and federated shit like Matrix and other fediverse.

I want,in short, for everyone to be Anonymous.
Now, who is interested, and what can we do?
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>> No. 843
>And pwn evildoers now and then (Kiddyfiddlers and cat abusers for example).

Everyone has this romanticized view of the old invasions. Everyone thinks we had some moral crusades going on, like we were a misunderstood pied of net vigilantes. We weren't.

For every time we went after a kiddyfiddler or cat abuser, we had supported those same kinds of people.

I don't think you can find a solid moral position among the old /b/ on any issue, there's no consistent ideology behind what existed back then.

Why did we go after a "kiddyfiddler" and a "cat abuser"? because they presented us with a challenge, a riddle, and we were bored - and it was funny.

It was hilarious when it gave us a story about how we managed to get someone arrested with the scarcest resources being made initially available to us.

It was never about playing internet superhero and this is what you moralfags fail to understand, we hosted cp and tweeted porn to youtube, we hosted guys fucking cats and sent a frog and scorpion to space. We went after nazis, and we later started nazi political activism IRL. Focusing on the "good" we did makes us seem like we oppose pedophilia, animal torture, and racism, focusing on the "bad" gives you the impression we were in favor of those three things, if not practitioners of it. Taking the whole context of it erases you ability to tell what our opinions are, because we have none.

We targeted people the exact same way for innocuous shit, or acts you'd think were virtuous, because it wasn't about the "pwning of evildoers". It was about amusing ourselves and taking on a challenge.
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>> No. 850
I think society has its ups and downs. In the 1940s-50s for example there was a huge attitude for censorship of everyone and everything. But in the 1960s-70s people grew their hair out long and smoked and had as much sex and drugs as they wanted. Then in the 1980s-90s Christfags had big fun handing out fines to anybody who swore in a record... The 2000s were our time to get some laughs online making fun of people. Now it is the 2020s and everyone is getting butthurt and wants to censor things. And you can get fined or go to jail for saying the wrong words online. But I think we have to just wait it out and in a few years people will stop caring so much if they accidentally see a swear word or a penis online. Then we can have fun again.
>> No. 854
There's something that worries me. In the eras you mentioned, there's pretty much two distinct types. You either had strong censorship and social control by conservatives, or you had everyone else (progressives, libertarians, apoliticals, etc) getting tired of their shit and promoting freedom, individuality, and most importantly fun.

But our current phase is different. The people up top are hypersensitive and pie-happy, but this time around it's not christfags. Instead it's progressives riding on the goodwill built up for them (just by virtue of not being christfags), and many people think this is a good thing just because it's not the usual suspects. And my worry is that because of that, it might take way longer than normal for this phase to end, and there's no telling whether we'll get another free era afterward or will go right back to christfaggotry.

File 16780678917.png - (443.82KB , 590x594 , 167315784053.png )
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I think the raids that happened yesteryear were a unique point in time that cannot really be replicated on the modern web. Zoomers do not understand the culture and now a days they seem to mostly lead to shit like our entire board getting wiped because retards don't know how to properly raid anymore anyways.

Seems like they cause nothing but trouble.
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>> No. 849
Nobody ever REALLY knew "how to raid", even back in the day. It was always retarded. It's just that nobody gave a fuck about the Internet so the damage was fairly limited. The only groups of people online were weirdos to begin with... who cares if the forum for shock-humor teens tweets goatse on the forum for emo teens? It doesn't matter. But now most adults are expected to spend their entire social lives online, so now a lot of people will feel threatened and get butthurt. There's also a lot more centralization I don't really want to burn my Facebook account and never be able to talk to my family again for the sake of calling the people on some message board losers.
>> No. 852
the gay bar, SPICDICKS, 420chan, 711chan back in the day were silly little websites filled with bored teenagers who enjoyed having fun by fucking with other people on the internet

i don't know what messed everything up. i blame the sjws and the nazis, the two dumbest groups of people in the universe, who decided that the best thing to do was go online and fag up every single cubic inch of the atmosphere with their incessant asshurt whining. Blah blah blah blah whatevr, you hate black/white people, nobody cares lol, kill yourself. We need a new internet without these retards
>> No. 853
>i don't know what messed everything up. i blame the sjws and the nazis, the two dumbest groups of people in the universe, who decided that the best thing to do was go online and fag up every single cubic inch of the atmosphere with their incessant asshurt whining.

If they'd never figured out "hey, what if we were to worm our way into admin positions so we can push our bullshit and increase our numbers?", they'd have stayed in their containment zones where they belong. And the world would be way saner for it.

I used to think centralization was the big problem, but it was only a catalyst. Even if that was gone, even if people started going back to smaller sites, you're still going to have people infiltrating "neutral" places to push them toward their own ideology. Or push them toward the opposite by bitching and moaning about them until they get flooded by people from said opposite (which then conveniently makes all that bitching look justified).

File 168266999124.png - (19.71KB , 600x800 , 38203 - SoyBooru.png )
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why are you guys such cringy fucks that want to resist all change? You all sit pissing shitting vomitting screaming and crying over the fact that the internet has changed while you havent


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>> No. 771
File 169194436660.jpg - (15.11KB , 361x323 , eBoi.jpg )
bast oreganos lace wid'da angeldust i evas smked
>> No. 844
Most of us don't actually remember how things used to be, most of us have a completely fictionalized version of what we used to do, and when they recreated their half-remembered often romanticized recreation of the old site it fails because of two reasons:
1. They forgot what the old site used to be, what happened upon it, how it worked.
and 2. They fail to understand that the old the gay bar experience cannot exist on the present day internet.

If you want the old days to come back, you need a brand new internet to host your site on, not just a new layer of the current internet, even tor is way too compromised, what you need is completely different hardware and a brand new network as an alternative to the internet we use right now.

Even then it wouldn't be the same, we would have to remove the ability to pie people, as this new internet would have to lack the power for anyone to know where any computer activity is coming from (and it would also not know from whom).

I'm talking 100% anonymous-and-confidential integrated into the design for all users from the ground up, and you can know what to expect from there.

We will have a lot of what the old the gay bar you so dearly miss had to deal with, CP will flood this internet, as will Drug trafficking, and markets selling other worse products (up to and including people for sale, as well as human parts), Scams galore, shock content, plotting out crimes such as shootings, terrorism, and other things of that ilk, but also revenge porn, stalking, and planned out assault. There's probably a laundry list to get through, but stuff like rape, torture, or murder on camera was definitely real.

Everything I've listed was present on the gay bar in it's earliest days, and the deepweb is full of it. That's the price of freedom and back then we decided it was worth the cost.

The other reason you can't have any of it back is because times have changed, the culture has changed, and most of us have changed too. Our past selves would mortify us
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>> No. 848
>da j00z
cry more

File 170088007386.jpg - (95.03KB , 792x634 , slurpee.jpg )
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do you have a favorite slurpee flavor?
mine is coca-cola

File 16987045849.jpg - (73.34KB , 1280x720 , ce987a8fe243b46ad5efe9f72e4949fe.jpg )
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>> No. 840
keep whining bitchtits
>> No. 841
That is how shitcord is mayne might aswell use shitcord instead of irc fr

White men properly do the discussion of raids on irc over tor or i2p
which cleary by the sounds of it your a gook goyslop nigger chimp nip that doesn't understand tech or is a glownigger that wants people to get got for unsafely doing the lulz
>> No. 855
just use a bouncer or a shell account to proxy traffic faggot

File 169793676346.png - (308.32KB , 677x604 , futaba rules.png )
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>> No. 831

File 169733109899.jpg - (106.98KB , 850x607 , sample_874d6dde23d65bf5379ff9279bea1bd2ffbc3298.jpg )
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This show is, in my opinion, Genndy Tartakovsky's masterpiece. Its visuals, pacing, fight scenes, soundtrack, excellent and memorable premiere movie, and general style make it a classic of Cartoon Network, the equal of any of the programming that aired on Toonami back in the 2000s.

I followed Samurai Jack throughout its entire original run, from 2001 to 2004, and even back then I considered it a thrilling action-adventure series that was one of the better shows on the channel, though in those days I was still too young, I think, to truly appreciate it. The last time during the 2000s that I can clearly remember watching it on television was 2008, when Toonami decided to air reruns of it shortly before that block ended in September 2008; I recall at the time being quite happy that this show, which by then I had not seen for a few years, was being broadcast again, and I remember with some fogginess that I had already begun to accord it more respect than before. However, it was only many years later, as I grew older, that I gradually came to recognize the fine quality of this series, and to feel—at least before it received a revival and formal conclusion in 2017 (which I watched, of course)—that it was one of the great, groundbreaking shows which aired during the golden age of Cartoon Network, and which ended before its time.

Although I have not watched Cartoon Network since 2010 (with the exception of the revived Toonami and occasionally Adult Swim) and hence know almost nothing of its children's programming after that year, I nevertheless feel confident when I say that—besides the material shown on Toonami and Adult Swim—nothing Cartoon Network has aired since 2010 has ever come close to matching the quality of Samurai Jack (and, yes, this includes that heavily overrated Adventure Time thing—problem?); it is simply that good. It is not a comedy series, so there are, of course, many other cartoons that have it beat in that regard, and there are many anime series I've seen that are as good or better, but in terms of Western action-adventure children's animation, I know of nothing else that can match it. (When considering action-adventure quality, its closest c
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File 169656355668.jpg - (52.86KB , 400x523 , D5EB11EC-468F-457C-A59B-33E2CF1276D8.jpg )
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How do we grow site members? No trying to demoralize but Im a newgod and would like to see the site grow. Maybe add a unique visitors counter or something.
>> No. 821
ads on the gay bar
>> No. 822
I did speak to one of the admins about advertising on 4cock, and I've done it myself to a bit of success.
>> No. 823
Ill try talk to the mods and admins on irc, see what would work

File 169508361984.jpg - (53.09KB , 474x632 , 1692709405989593.jpg )
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I like the guy, but, we don't need him to get elevated to admin level. He's very soft and, as a zoomer, will probably behave in a bias manner.
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>> No. 814
>> No. 815
File 169522112720.jpg - (34.33KB , 500x500 , uw0tm8.jpg )
>> No. 816

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