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gay porn emporium

File 167401111315.jpg - (47.39KB , 544x404 , 0121b102f0a728ad63ad3221fe625e2e.jpg )
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i love crack!!!! :3
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>> No. 41
I love crack (an egg)
>> No. 156
Same. That's exactly how good rock is. It feels real dirty, though.
>> No. 157
stop smoking crack
weed was legalized in ohio recently

File 169732979744.gif - (225.45KB , 400x399 , 13159_1696796754.gif )
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i miss meth

File 169603090735.jpg - (51.77KB , 640x427 , 0drnuOQq-Dg7rVQZM.jpg )
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I love non filters. Here in the states we have three or four good brands and they go for a premium.

Venturing into rolling your own from pouch or canned tobacco makes it easier and cheaper, and much of the time the preservation here is much superior to that of a traditional cardboard packaging and paper "soft pack."

While I've been able to hunt down and try a few of the more premium options that have fallen off the market in the past decade or so, I still continue to look to try more. You can find cigarettes on the internet and anyone can do that despite the legality of shipping cigarettes using the united states tweetal system.

I started smoking as a way to enjoy the background of experience when I didn't have enough money for weed when I was younger. I've grown to really enjoy tobacco over the years and I don't know that I'll quit. I don't so much mind the already appearing effects on my system now in my early thirties. I hope I do quit one day though

Do you guys smoke? Describe your preferences

File 167116019866.png - (887.95KB , 1008x756 , delta.png )
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I tried Delta 8 and I liked it because I was still functional while high, what is your opinion of it?
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>> No. 103
it's delta 8 thc so yes it's a form of thc.
>> No. 152
This, I usually never go for it if I can get some normal green
>> No. 153
File 169338357753.jpg - (180.63KB , 2500x1667 , rosin-press.jpg )
Light up you fat bastard, fuck lol, I'm gonna OD on the marijuanas

File 168342561038.png - (170.19KB , 535x428 , Yoda_Ate_My_Balls_Comic_Transparent.png )
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reminder that if you have a pound of good weed and a pound of bad weed you have two pounds of good weed as far as anyone else knows
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>> No. 149
I actually love low quality weed/ low mids. The art of smoking brickweed or shwag is a lost practice. NOwadays its tinctures this and dabs that. BITCH you beetter grip that doobie, light it and suck witha a might of a blueballed pirate! 420
>> No. 150
File 169209136291.jpg - (24.68KB , 480x480 , 26220109_873081782843853_1180866751817801649_n.jpg )
smoking doinks in the amish county got me acting anprim
lowkey wanna dance in the rain. Have you tried it?
have you had an experience of disposing of ''bad'' weed other than smonk it? not counting l4ced shiiet </3
>> No. 151
>>119 here and yep i have many many times, i even grew some shitty weed.

File 167658309147.jpg - (34.15KB , 600x315 , fizeek.jpg )
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If you want to be a strong white man ready to curb stomp brown people in the event a race war breaks out, it is ideal to be in peak physical condition. That is best achieved by adequate exercise, eating one meal a day, and avoiding recreational drugs as well as alcohol and tobacco.
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>> No. 145
Kool-Aid, and purple drank helps me cope.
>> No. 146
muh race
>> No. 148
File 169209080653.gif - (14.26KB , 119x350 , 1606146165004.gif )
have you tried smoak more chill out?

File 167131534318.png - (256.76KB , 488x358 , Sem título.png )
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>> No. 23
speed's great, make's you feel like a bad motherfucker
>> No. 120
what it is lil nigga
>> No. 147
File 169209071521.png - (779.02KB , 776x547 , 5649a2b8678415fc7efce557989b263b.png )
What it iiiizzzz maaaann. It is some kind of sorcery, must be! can ya fit some spare concepts in your mind? How about inviting the yellow fellow in your barrow? Shiieeeeet this yellow rock be hitting different if you dont have a bitch tellin in your ear that its bad

File 168478857659.jpg - (153.20KB , 605x597 , 8.jpg )
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old pic of me
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>> No. 126
File 168612509614.jpg - (1.42MB , 1536x2048 , Holly-jacobs171.jpg )
Dun goofed pic me :////
>> No. 140
>> No. 141
Took care of it. I can't pie it since it seems to be a Tor tweet from the IP, fucking hell.

File 167348677099.jpg - (134.70KB , 1063x1600 , flower.jpg )
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If u know, u know...
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>> No. 136
how bout I show you my cock?
>> No. 137
how about stop being a turbo faggot?
>> No. 138
how about both of you faggots shut the fuck up and make out already

File 168797430628.png - (96.79KB , 297x256 , Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 11_44_56.png )
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I've considered Modafinil, to increase my productivity (without becoming a crackhead like adderall users)
>> No. 134
I know someone who flipped out after prolonged usage. He took it everyday for a little over 2 years and snapped his twig one day. He's mostly back to normal now, about 4 years later.

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