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gay porn emporium

File 167064528552.png - (8.57KB , 450x450 , green-anon-laugh.png )
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This board is for the proposal, discussion, planning, and coordination of raids and /i/nvasions, which are and shall always be a time-honored tradition of the imageboard community. Feel free also to share tips, tricks, and tools for staying anonymous, causing disruption and butthurt, evading bans, etc.

Always remember that raids are undertaken purely for the lulz; they are not tools for you to settle an insignificant personal vendetta with somebody, nor are they conducted in the pursuit of some lofty political or moral cause. We are not moralfags, and if you opt to ignore this message and bring your moralfag activist causes to this board, then we may just decide to raid you and your community instead, because it would likely be funny.

Raids and /i/nvasions do not simply happen. They require, among other things, an active, rather than a passive, attitude. If you wait around for one to show up at your doorstep, then you will be idle and bored all day.
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>> No. 391
>> No. 521
Who cares about GETs
Bring back lulz
>> No. 522
Best source of lulz lately has been >>17

File 17013611137.png - (115.52KB , 1001x700 , kurils_map.png )
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Samurai,Kuril Islands are not a disputed territory - this is your land, the land of your fathers! We have been fighting our common enemy Russia for almost 2 years. Despite the fact that their forces are ten times greater than ours, we have learned to destroy them not with quantity, but with quality. And we are ready to teach you how to fight this enemy so that you can reclaim your lands. Contact us with email: john_chishima @ proton . me. We will reply you as soon as possible
>> No. 662
Fuck off I hope you get conquered and Russia gives this to China.

File 169980342141.png - (212.19KB , 998x1235 , 2084554_onegrumpylumpy_wow-cool-face.png )
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Yes, anon raided racists, Yes, anon raided pedos, yes, anon raided the abusers of animals.
No, they didn't do it because they were crusaders against racism, pedophilia, or animal abuse, for anon was also composed of racists, pedos, and animals abusers.

Don't let the false retrospective image lead you astray in your idea of what anonymous was.
They raided the targets because they presented a source of amusement, or a challenge they could occupy themselves with, or the target was annoying to anon, or they were just lolcow bullybait in need of getting milked for teh lulz.

Anon had no morality, anon was legion, which means a constantly shifting mass of personalities and the opinions that come with that.
Any actions that may had first been inspired by a moral offense got off the ground because they were also a potential source of entertainment, the moment anons stopped having fun the operation would have rightly been ended.

The media likes to tell this retarded half-truth narrative about how the internet came together to take down some racist podcast or get a child molester arrested, but anon didn't give a damn about their offences, they were just doing it because it was fun for them to troll these individuals or organizations.

The "hacktivist anonymous" was a narrative that could only be propped up by hiding so much of their conflicting activities from public view.
Anonymous also conducted raids on people who were anti-racism, anti-pedophilia, and activists against animal abuse for the same reasons they did anything.

People were being told they had beliefs, so when they engaged in pro-racist or pro-pedo or pro-abuse of animals activities as well, people would get confused and say that the stuff they didn't like wasn't "true" anonymous. Set the record straight, if they were having a good time (especially when someone else wasn't) it was truly anonymous.
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>> No. 646
>> No. 658
>> No. 661
this is lulz

File 170021065241.png - (89.66KB , 600x588 , brain.png )
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>> No. 657
File 170042520264.gif - (1.71MB , 260x311 , 1699576994303.gif )
my reaction to that information

File 169998263942.png - (1.52MB , 1000x996 , omegleclosedduetoaids.png )
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711Chan has victory over Omegle.
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>> No. 653
the mods tried to pie me, and never truly could l0l
>> No. 654
to quality lulz
>> No. 655
File 169999273423.png - (1.11MB , 2225x1312 , tompearlpisstransparent.png )

File 169959171540.png - (964.54KB , 828x486 , F253.png )
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Link: https://serc.mnhs.org/flags
F253 (see pic) is a winner.
Vote for it.
>> No. 647
>> No. 648

File 169782233873.png - (232.30KB , 930x435 , JakeAguiar.png )
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ill js leave this here.
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>> No. 632
>lifeless eyes look
souless from raping or from souless scum job
>> No. 641
Jake Aguiar - Pedophile


Jake Aguiar - Pedophile


Jake Aguiar - Pedophile


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>> No. 644
DGAF about dem kids
>Works for DHS
Now it's on LETS GOOOO!

File 16966144342.png - (686.09KB , 720x1125 , Screenshot_20231006-134229-341.png )
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Kyle Carrozza has recently bullied a disabled artist for drawing NSFW Invader Zim art, and got them blacklisted and denied healthcare.

Despite this, "Youmacon" has invited him to their convention, and they're hiding/locking replies from people warning others about what he did.

People were talking about going to this con with signs confronting this pest and asking him why he got someone killed.

Spread the word and we can make this happen.
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>> No. 635
>Kyle Carrozza has recently bullied a disabled artist for drawing NSFW Invader Zim art, and got them blacklisted and denied healthcare.

Cool! We should try to do it too!
>> No. 640
Do you have any evidence for this, Anon?
>> No. 659
nypa faggot

File 167211371294.jpg - (47.19KB , 768x768 , paper-craft-vendetta-mask-1_2000x.jpg )
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We could do something basic yet fun like find some streamers to troll.
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>> No. 636
>be 711chan
>have onion mirror
>have irc
>irc server blocks tor
>> No. 637
that snes make
>> No. 639
No matter what, there's only a handful of people on IRC. Everyone's on Discord, but their ToS makes it harder to coordinate.

File 169563184535.gif - (1.09MB , 580x640 , i tell you hwat.gif )
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So faggots. I see there are some small scale raids but nothing big going anywhere fast. A lot of our people have dispersed among the dickswords and the other chans. How do we recruit people?
>> No. 612
risky method is getting people from the rarepepes.com, has the danger of them pushing the same kind of shit from there on here
>> No. 616
im here
>> No. 638
They almost certainly will in an attempt to turn the troll onto us, same with any tard-factory site.

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