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gay porn emporium

File 167064528552.png - (8.57KB , 450x450 , green-anon-laugh.png )
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This board is for the proposal, discussion, planning, and coordination of raids and /i/nvasions, which are and shall always be a time-honored tradition of the imageboard community. Feel free also to share tips, tricks, and tools for staying anonymous, causing disruption and butthurt, evading bans, etc.

Always remember that raids are undertaken purely for the lulz; they are not tools for you to settle an insignificant personal vendetta with somebody, nor are they conducted in the pursuit of some lofty political or moral cause. We are not moralfags, and if you opt to ignore this message and bring your moralfag activist causes to this board, then we may just decide to raid you and your community instead, because it would likely be funny.

Raids and /i/nvasions do not simply happen. They require, among other things, an active, rather than a passive, attitude. If you wait around for one to show up at your doorstep, then you will be idle and bored all day.
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>> No. 522
Best source of lulz lately has been >>17
>> No. 786
Soyjaks are the gay bar culture. Do not harm the gay bar.
>> No. 948
remember when rarepepes.com kicked our ass lol

File 171284941340.jpg - (55.97KB , 452x363 , cytuber.jpg )
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File 171027031073.png - (571B , 449x270 , Brian Hall.png )
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310 400 9304
>> No. 944
File 17105193572.png - (208.15KB , 590x463 , cowboy.png )
if you pretend to be a gurl- then my fly can a be a cowboy
>> No. 947
I support trans rights
>> No. 949
File 171157134694.gif - (589.65KB , 300x460 , IMG_1575.gif )

File 171071385077.jpg - (40.71KB , 500x667 , mydick.jpg )
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File 171055390614.png - (1.61MB , 3232x4688 , tribeware.png )
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Tynan Laird, AKA "Triagonal" on deviantART, was permahit with a pie for harassment. They couldn't get the hint, and days later they attempted to pie-evade, poorly. https://www.deviantart.com/forum/devart/general/2674267

They were permahit with a pie off of deviantart two years ago on their "Triagonal" account, and despite claiming to have apologized they and their friends continue to stalk, dox, impersonate, and slander anyone who is wary of them. I've included a list of their known alts on other social media so that you can block them, and this video may be revised to include more information.

They have lied about so many things about themselves and "Tynan Laird" is not their real name, as no good matches for that name exist on name lookup sites. They also do not live in Pitcairn. Both u/MozartWasARed and u/NiotaBunny on Reddit have been confirmed to have the the same browser fingerprint and IP address, verifying that the two accounts belong to the same person. Triagonal/Tynan Laird has been claiming that u/NiotaBunny is not their alt ever since the real Niot
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File 171038877752.jpg - (255.75KB , 860x1103 , huffinhayven.jpg )
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the attention whore has returned and leaked his own phone number, be sure to ring him up relentlessly and call him a paint huffer and make him cry. west virginia timezone gmt-4

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>> No. 941
File 170988748775.jpg - (580.67KB , 1936x2592 , imageboard.jpg )

File 170975768737.jpg - (54.81KB , 410x512 , valenciaandfrens.jpg )
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Hi Valecia, sharing a snapshot from our gathering last night. And it was a pleasure meeting you at the business summit. You know I really appreciate your business insight, so I’m hoping for more chances to collaborate in the future.
Best regards.

(628) 946-5253

(he sent the image also) (happened about five mins ago)

File 17093503573.jpg - (33.94KB , 375x579 , chudschudschuds.jpg )
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did joker win?
>> No. 934
File 170946604383.jpg - (85.92KB , 600x378 , wasntthejoker.jpg )
certainly not- that guys a clown
>> No. 936
File 17095472215.jpg - (48.60KB , 541x960 , notacatman.jpg )
bork bork bork, we should hold him down, repaint his face and make him an goth.

File 170940101589.jpg - (62.43KB , 768x768 , 1708895049336628.jpg )
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>> No. 935
File 170947193772.jpg - (44.07KB , 640x493 , dunasked.jpg )
done but err- never mind

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