"Strange things go down at the 711..."

:^) by bigbully - 11/12/23 @ 06:59 PM UTC #


my cock addiction has given way to shilling oh noooooo by bigbully - 11/12/23 @ 06:58 PM UTC #

hey I'm hanging out in irc.supernets.org shoutout to them for sticking around

cock addiction by bigbully - 11/12/23 @ 06:54 PM UTC #

I am terminally addicted to cock.

/x/, /gif/, and /wp/ are back by bigbully - 09/09/23 @ 10:38 PM UTC #

allah ackbar
/x/ - Paranormal
/gif/ - Animated GIF
/wp/ - Wallpapez

yep by bigbully - 09/09/23 @ 09:44 PM UTC #

ghost ridin by bigbully - 07/23/23 @ 06:21 PM UTC #

We have restored a classic. It was originally on YouTube a long time ago before it was taken down for whatever reason. It now has a home on VidLii thanks to lolwut.

where da hood @

y'all mind if I marquee by bigbully - 07/17/23 @ 11:07 PM UTC #


Trevor I swear to christ by bigbully - 07/17/23 @ 10:48 PM UTC #

Figured out how to implement the board announcement without it fuckin up the homepage. Kusaba X is so confusing I have no clue why it's under "Manage Ads" but idk, go yell at Trevor Slow cum.

FREE SLURPEES NIGGA by Necrobilly - 07/11/23 @ 10:26 AM UTC #


Get yourself a free slurpee and tell them jewlion sent you >:3

h by bigbully - 07/11/23 @ 08:56 AM UTC #


fuck shirts by bigbully - 07/10/23 @ 03:33 AM UTC #

711chan will never shill merchandise and profit off of site in-jokes, no matter how strapped of goldz we are. We can pay for the servers ourselves thank you very much. #BoycottSpreadshop

steam fortress 2 by bigbully - 07/06/23 @ 12:25 AM UTC #

TF2 server's up, I paid for a good three months :^)


or connect

p.s. @apufrom711chan on Twitter for funsies

please remain calm by bigbully - 06/25/23 @ 09:10 PM UTC #

Just to inform you guys, the IRC is temporarily on rizon.net until server shit is resolved: #711chan
nvm we back

711janny in da house

thank you come again

ATTENTION COMATOAST by lolwut - 06/22/23 @ 02:01 AM UTC #


On the recent raids by Comatoast - 03/02/23 @ 03:50 PM UTC #

We have unlocked all the boards that were locked for 24 or so hours. To the users of /i/ In the future I would suggest you refrain from targeting a board 3 - 4x the size of our own board and antagonizing them knowing full well they can easily disrupt the activities and the normal on goings of the board. Not only does the current state of the board make us look cringe, but, it also makes us looks insanely foolish as well. Pick your targets more carefully and with more accuracy in the future, thanks.

711chan Inc. will be returning shortly by lolwut - 03/02/23 @ 12:30 PM UTC #

All boards have been temporarily locked due to spam

|-|4ck3r 4[)[)r355 4[)[)3[) by lolwut - 02/08/23 @ 02:40 PM UTC #

t3h 51t3 /\/40 h45 4n 3p1c \/\/1n20r2 h4xx0r 4[)[)r355. 3p1c 4n0n7m0|_|5 1337 +0r (t3h 0n10n r0|_|t3r) h4xx0r2 c411 1t t3h 0n10n 4[)[)r355, 4n[) 1t'5 |_|53d 8y +3h |_|83r 31337 vv|-|o t00|< C5111 4n[) c4n c0u/\/+ 1n 81n4r7 +0 53|<r1+1y \/13\/\/z0rz t3h s3|<r1t u/\/[)3r6r0|_|n[) [)4rk \/\/38 51t35 1/\/ 53kr1+ w1+h0|_|+ 63++1n6 t3h \/& ph0r r41[)z 4n[) C|*, 0|\/|F6!!!!11!1 t3h l1/\/k 15 r16h+ |-|3r3 (w4r/\/1/\/6: |\/|364 [)4n63r0|_|5, c4/\/ pvv/\/ |_|r p( 1f |_|r +3h 5|_|xx0r2):


ph0r t3h 1337 0/\/17, /\/0 n008z p10x!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR by lolwut - 12/25/22 @ 06:48 AM UTC #

NEAT by lolwut - 12/19/22 @ 05:16 AM UTC #

WE 88x31 NAO

IRC by Comatoast - 12/13/22 @ 10:27 PM UTC #

Just thought I Would let everyone know; The current IRC network has been defunct and we are migrating to the new IRC network hosted @ irc.711chan.net/6697 #711chan.

WE LIVE by lolwut - 12/10/22 @ 04:46 AM UTC #

In the Year of Our Lord 2007 + 15, 711chan lives once more.

We hope that this site will be able to recapture the youthful, exuberant, and silly spirit that characterized the channer scene in the past. Nostalgia for the old imageboard culture will certainly play a major part, but in order to let the site grow and develop, it won't be the dominating theme—though personally I'd love to see moar Mudkips and lazers over Pepe and Feels Guy variation #9001.

So take a look around the boards, make a few posts, check back regularly, join us on IRC (#711chan on irc.rizon.net), ???, PROFIT!

tl;dr srs bsns is gay, have fun and pretend it's still 2009